Understanding Islam and Democracy

Islam, a genuine religion of harmony and humankind, sadly is presently being viewed as a main driver behind undemocratic works on winning in Islamic states. The significant explanation for such confusion is misconception and totally wrong examination of Islamic political qualities. While examining the subject of Islam and majority rule government individuals frequently take extraordinary positions; some present Islamic political framework as a direct opposite of vote based system, while others underscore that both Islam and majority rule government are two distinct terms suggesting same thing as John Esposito and John Voll contended in their ongoing book ‘Islam and Democracy’ that both are viable with one another. However, the genuine picture is unique in relation to the two perspectives. Along these lines before favoring one side of either bunch one must have total comprehension of some significant ideas with respect to the spot of majority rules system in Islam.

The Concept of Sovereignty in Islam

The premise of Islamic political framework is an outright confidence in the sway of Allah, the genuine law provider. Nobody, even a prophet can arrange others in his own right. The Prophet himself is exposed to Allah’s orders. As Holy Prophet (PBUH) stated, “I don’t tail anything aside from what is uncovered to me”. For man Islam utilizes the expression “Vicegerency” (Khilafat) rather than “sway”. Anybody chose as vicegerent utilizes the force as the trust from Allah and is responsible before Him for each move he makes under these forces.

Dynamic Process in Islamic Polity

In Islam ‘Shura’ is the main dynamic and actualizing body. The function of Shura is frequently contrasted and the part of parliament in present day majority rule government however the primary regard between two is the idea of genuine law provider. In Islam just Allah Almighty is the genuine law supplier to Whom the authority of enactment vests. Man has no power to alter as far as possible and can’t fall back on autonomous enactment. He needs to take all choice inside the recommended structure as indicated by rules of Allah not by the selection of individuals. Such impediments are set just to forestall misuse of man for the sake of dominant part vote and to develop an even arrangement of social equity under which political forces can be utilized to annihilate components causing frailties and vulnerabilities among individuals.

Standard of Equality in Islam

Islam presents a libertarian social structure as per which all people are equivalent before Allah; nobody is better than another on the record of his societal position, family foundation, rank or calling. The main basis of predominance is close to home inclination and respectable character. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) affirmed this reality on numerous events. A portion of those affirmations are given here:

“Nobody is better than another aside from in purpose of confidence and devotion. All men are dropped from Adam and Adam was made of earth.”

On another event of tending to individuals after the victory of Makkah, the Holy Prophet (PBUH) stated:

“O individuals of Quraysh! Allah has uncovered your haughtiness of the times of numbness and the pride of heritage. O men, every one of you are slid from Adam and Adam was made of dirt. There is no pride whatever in family line; there is no legitimacy in an Arab as against a non-Arab nor in a non-Arab against an Arab. Verily the most worthy adkar assabah among you according to Allah is he who is the most devout.”

Not just in the social issues Islam additionally gives equivalent rights to all adherents even if there should arise an occurrence of administering over an Islamic state. The entire Muslim people group has given equivalent partaking in Islamic State with no matchless quality of a specific class.

As per the Holy Prophet (PBUH), “All of you is a ruler and everybody is liable for his subjects.”

In the event that you simply examine Islamic History, you’ll come to realize that at numerous events individuals from lower economic wellbeing even slaves were being delegated at higher positions and aristocrats didn’t feel humiliated to serve under them.

The Holy Prophet (PBUH) stated, “Tune in and comply with regardless of whether a negro is delegated as a leader over you.”

The Concept of Expression of Freedom in Islam

To the extent the idea of opportunity of articulation is concerned Islam put a few cutoff points and limitations so as to defend the individual pride and dignity. Everybody appreciates the opportunity of articulation yet inside a recommended structure of constraints and isn’t permitted to go past a breaking point where his opportunity turns into the abuse of other individual’s opportunity. The reason behind putting certain governing rules is making sure about human opportunity instead of denying him of any of his equitable rights.

صحيح أذكار الصباح والمساء ( بطاقة ) – بنك الحسنات

The Concept of Fatalism in Islam

A few people likewise condemn Islam for being the fatalistic religion again restricting the zone of exercises and battle in each circle of life. Pundits state that Islam lectures that everything has been chosen previously and now there is no hope to fix the choices of Allah. This is again an uneven view, not the entire picture. We should look at it in the light of the Quranic directives:

Furthermore, not a molecule’s weight in the earth or in the sky gets away from you

r Lord, nor what is not as much as that or more prominent than that, yet it is (written) in an unmistakable Book. (Yunus 10:61)

To Him have a place the keys of the sky and the earth. He amplifies the arrangements for whomsoever He satisfies and perplexes it for whomsoever He satisfies. Doubtlessly He realizes everything without a doubt. (Debris Shura 42:12)

Whatever incident transpires, is on the grounds that on the things your hands have created, and for a large number (of them) He allows absolution. (As-Shura 42:30)

On the off chance that any carry out things of uprightness, be they male or female, and have confidence, they will enter Heaven and not the least treachery will be done to them. (A Nisaa’ 4:124)